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MYTH #1: Premium price equals
premium quality.

FACT:Not always true! Paying a premium for a product or service is NEVER a guarantee of uncompromised quality. If consumers will adapt and become smarter shoppers, they can find cheaper alternatives without settling for less.

MYTH #2:You get what you paid for.

FACT:We’d rather avoid namedrops, but the industry’s big names boast hefty price tags due to hidden charges that have nothing to do with a mattress. In other words, you’re paying loads of cash and getting nothing in return.

MYTH #3:“We have the perfect mattress!”

FACT:Said every mattress maker! However, to create the ‘perfect’ mattress, you have to come up with a design that can cater to every single body type—sans individual consumer preferences. Statistically, it's nearly impossible. That's why Bedding Stock doesn't claim it's essentially better—we just want to produce excellent mattresses for the right price.

MYTH #4: 5-Star Mattresses

FACT:Did you know that review-making is an industry on its own? Sadly, the recent years have seen a decline in its credibility as incentivized reviews are plaguing almost all sectors, including the mattress industry. It’s getting harder to find real reviews from real people, but Bedding Stock is a haven for genuine feedback coming from customers who actually purchased our products.

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